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Integrated supply chain synergies

The groups supply chain for meat products and related foods extend from contracted feedlots to our own abattoirs, de-boning facilities, processed meat factory, biltong factory, catering supply division and wholesale- and- retail operations.

integrated supply chain synergies

Numerous advantages exist in favour of the Group, and its customers:

A more constant supply of meat, meaning less frustration along the supply chain, less time and energy wasted in sourcing scarce products, cashing in on having product available in peak demand times when supply is normally a challenge.

Better planning for peak seasons, product can be stocked up, vacuum packed or frozen to fulfil high demand at different times of the year.

Better control of pricing to end customers, because of the more constant supply market share can be expanded as prices can be held constant for longer periods thereby strengthening the relationship with existing clients and drawing new clients.

Better logistics, many industry players suffer from logistical inability and shortness of reach that limits their expansion. Best Grade has used better, more reliable, more responsive and available logistics as a strategic advantage. All industry observations support the strategic opportunity of outperforming competitors by being better at logistics.